All of the producers of THE ROOMS, have experience with addiction and recovery.


Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor

Mr. Schneider wrote, produced, and directed the acclaimed film CLAUSTROPHOBIA. Previously, he was a partner and producer with Sussex Films and a production executive and producer at MiTerre Productions in Los Angeles. He also spent ten years as an actor in New York City with the New York Shakespeare Festival, the National Shakespeare Company, CSC Repertory, and PBS.


 Producer, Associate Director, and Actor

Arik Avaneszadeh (Eric Evans) is an Armenian actor, comedian, producer and successful businessman who comes from very humble beginnings. His love for helping people addicted to drugs is only surpassed by his love for the program of recovery. His dream is to let people know that there is help for those in need and that people in recovery do understand. He wants the world to see first hand what happens in the rooms of recovery.


Filmmaker, Producer

Richard is an L.A. based filmmaker who has worked behind the scenes on large studio films, directed commercials, music videos and short films, created video games, shot and edited documentaries and short films, and written a number of screenplays. He recently made a mockumentary feature with a bunch of famous comedians and is currently prepping a couple of indy features and TV/web series.

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The Rooms: A dramatic and darkly comic TV/web series about a diverse group of drug addicts who come together in 12-step meetings to fight for their recovery.